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Richard Calderhead The Fighting Liberal

2016: Now What? Itsez has been saying for MONTHS that the TPP is a Disaster!
AND? is about to HAPPEN! This is PURE OBAMA...kissing up to Corporate America. No BIGGER DISASTER faces Our America. You Read It Here!



Friday, August 19. The Latest display of Corporate Greed is the retreat from Obamacare by some major Insurance Companies.
Turns out that too many SICK PEOPLE SIGNED UP FOR IT!
How can our United States of America BE in such a Predicament?
Easy. The Rich...make that the VERY America today.
And....Most of them are absolute....PIGS!

Mitt Romney said it very clearly: "47% of Americans are...Moochers!"

Those words will haunt him clear to his Grave. Mitt simply DISMISSED
no less than HALF THE AMERICAN Worthless Takers.
Grabbing Free Money from those "Hard Working" Americans...who Made it!!!

And...Oh, boy....if you think only the "1%" Feel that are SADLY MISTAKEN! We recently lost the Thom Hartmann Radio Show here where I live......(the old owners of the station simply threw in the Towel) the
ONLY PROGRESSIVE VOICE anywhere nearby is....GONE.

Why bring this up? Because what's left...on the air...for The People to hear....
is the voice of Rush Limbaugh, etc., etc. !!!

THAT means that the Only opinion on Radio is....Hard Right. (Maybe you are lucky where YOU live...but here in California...that can be a Bitter Reality.)

So...where does that leave MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Americans...who Break a Leg or have an Attack of some kind? Up The Creek!

Oh, can hobble into an Emergency Room somewhere...but THAT
can be an absolute HORROR SHOW.

Back in NYC....the Emergency Room was...Standing Room Only...and you could wait FOREVER to get help!

Bernie talked about this sort of Inequality in America...but it wasn't enough to take him Over The Top (not with the Rigged Democratic Party  stacked against him the way it Was....and Is.)

You know from a couple of Columns back...that
HALF of all Americans cannot come up with
as little as $5,000 in an Emergency! YIKES!

It doesn't take much at all to rack up that sort of
Number in a Doctor Visit.
Or...just think about our Sky High Dental Costs!!!!!!!

So...Romney is only CLOSE....with his 47% Putdown.

Now we are suddenly getting a WILD GUSH of New Trump "Promises" he starts to Go Teleprompter....and make New Appeals to....Black Americans, for example. He's skipping over his earlier Promise to SLASH TAXES on the Upper 1%....(because that simply doesn't Fly with Most Americans)....but he's suddenly into Promising Tax Cuts for ALL Americans...and....JOBS FOR ALL!

Uh....wait a minute. Trump will CONTINUE the RepUglyCon Attack on ANYTHING resembling Single Payer Medical Solutions! (Trust Me.)


Poor People will Get Sick. And....they will DIE. EARLY. Soon. Way Early.
Why? Because Healthcare in America is still WILDLY OVERPRICED!!!

When I was a Teen Ager....visiting the Family Doctor simply did NOT mean that you had to Go Into Hock to get Help!


Bottom Line:
1. If you are Rich....this is simply Not An Issue.
2. If you are....Comfortably Well Off....this is simply Not An Issue.
3. If you are....a can be in Real Trouble.
4. If you are...however....YOU WILL DIE BEFORE YOUR TIME. Guaranteed.

Think About It.

Itsez Who? As far as I know...I am the only Living American who was an
actual eye-witness to both Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, as well as the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. When I was a kid...everyone I knew respected and admired FDR. Sure...there were a few "Republicans"
who sniffed at The New Deal, but we forgave them for their Silly Old Ideas. Who would have ever guessed that, led by the Hateful Ronnie Reagan in 1980, those "honorable" Republicans would morph into today's MoneyMad RepUglyCons??? One of my key tasks with Itsez is to point out the Sheer Stupidity and Core Mean Spiritedness of what used to be...the Grand Old Party. Oh, Abraham we miss you!


Friday, August 12. Sometimes...watching FoxNotNews, etc., I come away
dazed at the absurd Stories...Disortions...Half-Truths...and outright Lies...
to the point of asking "Why Bother?"
But then...along comes something that makes it all worth the Effort.

The Story about how Scotland NO LONGER NEEDS TO DRILL FOR NORTH SEA OIL...was just such a Stunner!

You see...Scotland has the usual Sea Winds, common to Island Nations.
It's part of Everyday Life up there. Uh....but we already KNOW something about Wind from our Geat Pacific Ocean. It can Power your Generators...and produce ELECTRICITY! Uh...MINUS the Planet Killing Pollution that every thinking person knows is the Price We Pay for Big Oil.

I had no idea that Scotland had come so far with Wind Power.
Out here in Palm Springs, CA...we have a Huge Wind a place called Windy Point...where the Pacific Ocean Winds blow constantly....24/7.

Some years ago...we got America's first Big Wind Farm...and it is working fine.
We are also big into RoofTop Solar...even if the Utility Companies are doing their Darndest to deny us the use of Free Solar Power!

There has been talk of Wind Power off the Massachusetts Coast...for Years... but the Rich Folk so far will have None of It. ("It would spoil out view!!!")
Just of these days....

Back to Scotland. It's a testament to a small, close-knit Community like the Scots, to make us of Free Wind Power.

And...another in the Inevitable Transformation of Planet Earth into a Sustainable mode of Living.

Which brings us back to Election 2016. With The Donald
and Hillary still Neck and the Donald gives one
Krazy/Idiotic Speech after another.

Bernie Sanders is responsible for having Hillary move way further toward the Progressive Agenda...than if he had never run for President.

As we looks more and more as if Hillary will be the President.
(I will be fascinated to see what becomes of....Trump!)

Our Job after the to SEE TO IT THAT HILLARY DOES NOT WAVER!  The Very Planet We Live on is at stake!!!!!!!!

Back East....the Coal Miners are facing HUGE LAYOFFS...if the Green Movement continues to press for CLOSING DIRTY COAL MINES.

THIS is the time for America to stand with the Coal Miners...and help to create new Industries to produce the equipment we need to AVOID COAL AND GAS!

It would not be Free...but it would absolutely PAY FOR ITSELF in future Gren Energy...and help ELIMINATE Pollutants!

Years ago...I was invested in a company that was Promising..."Green Coal".
Yeah. What a Load of Bushwucky THAT was. Oh, they were not shy about MAKING THE CLAIM AND THE PROMISES....but there was ZERO Technology to back It up! So the entire effort was a Total Waste of Time. One for Scotland.

And...continue to urge Hillary to....Move Toward Progress!
The Election is NOT OVER YET...and Trump can make all sorts of Damning Moves...but if WE help Hillary...we can Smack Down the Donald!


Friday, August 5. Editorial, L.A. Times: "Vote For Hillary!"
If there was ANY doubt about where Bernie stands...after loosing that Very Close Race for the DNC Nomination....those doubts are HISTORY.
"Vote For Hillary!"

We Dems have NO CHOICE at this point....Trump? Absurd. NOT Voting? Idiotic. what you have to do, Dems.
Get This Straight: We Are At WAR with the RepUglies...for the rest of our natural LIVES! They are....utterly OBSCENE!

This sure YOU Vote...for Hillary. Bring along your ENTIRE FAMILY. And? And then....find a way to encourage AT LEAST ONE OTHER Vote Democratic.

Itsez will have MUCH MORE to say on THAT the months ahead.
I am going to re-visit the local Dem figure out how I can help.
(8 Years ago...we did ALL SORTS OF THINGS to Elect Barack Obama.
Now we MUST help Hillary to Knock the Stuffing out of Trump...and every OTHER REPUGLY in sight.)

Itsez is a regular Thom Hartmann Listener...and many of us in Palm Springs, CA were dismayed to learn that August 12 will be Thom's LAST DAY ON THE AIR in our city! (The Owners are giving up the Station.)

That means Itsez needs to link up with Thom's Podcast to hear the latest Info.
Normally, I listen to Hartmann Mon-Fri from 9 to 12 a.m., as I do my Morning Errands...on the car radio, etc.

When Hillary Wins, of course...OUR JOB HAS JUST BEGUN!
We will need to HOLD HER FEET TO THE be sure the VAST POWER OF THE OLIGARCHS...IN PARTICULAR THOSE OF THE BANKSTERS... do now slip in and....Tilt Hillary A W A Y from our Bernie-Agenda.

AND...we need to GO TO WAR over...TPP!!!

Last but not Least...Itsez will launch a NEW FEATURE: "What is happening at the Clinton Foundation....
once Hillary and Bill move back into the White House!"

This will be an absolutely FANATICAL Investigatory Feature....because even the SLIGHTEST SUGGESTION OF FISCAL IMPROPRIETY on the part of Hill or Bill, will send the GOPsters into a Frenzy!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile....I will PERSONALLY undertake a New Project....doing a Bernie Sculpture...capturing Our Hero for History. Bernie NEVER SAID A WORD that made me have ANY SECOND THOUHTS ABOUT HIS BEING THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE PRESIDENCY.

BUT...the DNC and (some Democratic PowersThatBe wanted it...Otherwise.

So...remember that Bernie took his Loss....and is now telling All Dems:
"Vote For Hillary!"


Itsez Who? As far as I know...I am the only Living American who was an
actual eye-witness to both Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, as well as the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. When I was a kid...everyone I knew respected and admired FDR. Sure...there were a few "Republicans"
who sniffed at The New Deal, but we forgave them for their Silly Old Ideas. Who would have ever guessed that, led by the Hateful Ronnie Reagan in 1980, those "honorable" Republicans would morph into today's MoneyMad RepUglyCons??? One of my key tasks with Itsez is to point out the Sheer Stupidity and Core Mean Spiritedness of what used to be...the Grand Old Party. Oh, Abraham we miss you!


July 29. If you watched Hillary accept the just saw
She was STRONG. She was set up for her speech by Daughter Chelsea,
who gave us the picture of a CARING MOM!
That was after Big Dog told us about meeting a cute Co-Ed...way back when.

While we watched Hillary calmly demonstrate TOTAL CONFIDENCE....
we had these images of a Human Hillary...who CARES ABOUT PEOPLE...
and worked hard for Americans who needed HELP!

She's been doing that for a LONG TIME.

Bernie rattled her Cage....that's for sure.
But...Voters chose Hillary. (I was (and remain) a HUGE Bernie Fan...and want him to CONTINUE HIS IMPORTANT WORK from the Senate.

But Thursday was....Hillary Time. And she came through marvelously.

I will Vote for Hillary....relishing the chance to take down Trump!

Now for the....Hard Part: What Can/Will....Hillary ACTUALLY DO?

We need to Win the Senate.

JOB ONE FOR HILLARY will be to get the Next Supreme Court Justice firmly in place....and then a couple more in the months following.



All of this is TOTALLY DOABLE....once Hillary is President...and with a Democratic Senate to work with.

Meanwhile...some Bernie Supporters are DRAGGING THEIR FEET!

Come On, People: Bernie did a MARVELOUS JOB......but it was too heavy a Lift. (The New York Times IGNORED Bernie until it was Way Late. Yuck!)

More on all  this as we hear from Voters in the next few days.


July 22. Did you watch the....RepUglyCon Convention?
I stuck with it right through to the Trump Main Event. And? OMG...we very will just might end up with The Donald in the White House!!!!

He is striking a Populist Chord with White Working Class Americans.
His Theme: "USA First!"
He promises to...Renegotiate NAFTA! (NAFTA..wasn't THAT a Prime Moment in Bill Clinton's Presidency? his Everlasting Shame.)
Remember Ross Perot's famous "Giant Sucking Sound" comment on NAFTA?
How right Perot THOUSANDS of JOBS poured across the Border..
and Cheap Products flooded the USA. Bye, bye Middle Class Jobs!

He promises to...."Fix" Obamacare. Uh...Huh? Obamacare amy not be Perfect, but it sure helped Millions of American Families. Fix WHAT....Donald?

And that's not all. With the inexorable (and seemingly unstoppable) Rise of Isis, plus the Cop Shootings and all the rest....the Urgent Mood in America is: "Do Something!"

He makes it simple: "I will Defeat ISIS!"

Meanwhile...Reaganomics has shattered the American Dream...for all but the Lucky Upper Percentiles. ain't goin' away anytime soon. UNLESS....someone on a White Horse comes along and makes it happen.

But...what makes White America think Trump would...Make It Happen?

Trump didn't lose his big chance to Knock Hillary.
He slipped in his "Hillary is nothing but a Puppet
for the Powerful Interests."
Uh...who might THAT be...Donald? The Banksters?
You got THAT Right.

Meanwhile...we await Hillary on center Stage next Week.
What will SHE say...and..."Promise"? A "Promise" from Hillary
ain't worth a Hill O' Beans!!!!"

Hillary killed Bernie in New York...and in California.
I lived for 40 Years in NYC ...and still cannot believe the Total Blackout on Bernie is NY before the Voting Started! The New York Times simply acted
as if Bernie DID NOT EXIST!

California is a Different Matter...but Same Result: She blew by Bernie despite the many Fabulous Rallies he staged. I was at one...I saw the way Bernie had the entire Crowd in the Palm of His Hand!!!!

Yet....Hillary Won going away.

Now Hillary will move to Center Stage and....Accept the Nomination.


Hillary has been leading....BUT TRUMP HAS REALLY BEEN ON A ROLL...
And we simply DO NOT KNOW at this stage....WHAT WILL HAPPEN!

One truly Ghastly Moment in the Trump Triumph was some DieHard GOPster... referring to..."Our Beloved Scalia!"
Any rational American who LOVED actually Scalia has to be DERANGED!

Antonin Scalia was THE ABSOLUTE WORST Supreme Court Justice I can remember in my entire LIFETIME! (Clarence Thomas is nothing but a Hard Right Cipher.)


Now THAT should wake up some Voters!!!!

Trump: Mike Pense???????

Friday, July 15. Once again, I must thank Thom Hartmann for his Radio Show.
He has the Facts on Mike Pense....enuf to make my TOES CURL!

Pense....Gov. of Indiana....came forth recently when Trump was hinting he MIGHT choose Pense as his Running Mate.
I was vaguely aware of a negative sorta way....when there he was on TV. Nice looking fella...and he said: "Indiana is enjoying  one of the BEST ECONOMIES in the entire USA!"

I thought: "Whoa! What is THIS all about?"

So...I did a little flipping around...and really didn't find way or antoehr.

Then... I heard Thom! Pense is a TOTAL FRAUD....and a Nasty RepUglyCon.

Pence is from a Wealthy TOBACCO Family. They fought the Government

Tobacco KILLS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But all those guys from the Tobacco Companies ABSOLUTELY DENIED THAT TOBACCO WAS Senate Hearings!!!!!!!!


But there's more. Pence was right down there in Florida during the Year 2000 Vote the Brooks Brothers Suit Crowd that prevented a careful ballot count and GAVE THE PRESIDENCY TO GEORGE W. BUSH!!!!!!!!

I could go on; you get the Point. Pence has NO BUSINESS being
America's Vice President!

Way back  in 2001...Osama bin Laden was really MAD AT AMERICA...mainly because we had an Air Base in Saudi (Sacred) Arabia....and some of our Christian Soldiers and their Wives were BREAKING SHARIA LAW!!!

So he was doing everything he could to SMASH America.
9/11 was the result. I was right there on 5th Avenue....seeing the Whole Thing.

Immediately after the Attack...the head of Afghanistan offered  to ARREST
bin Laden and EXPORT HIM to a nation where he could get a Fair Trial.

Instead....Bush/Cheney/Condi...etc., decided to HIT AFGHANISTAN HARD!

You know the rest...abu Ghraib...etc.

AND....Bush FAILED to actually CATCH bin Lden....
he was allowed to escape into Pakistan....when our
Special Forces  had him cornered!!!
(The full story of THIS debacle has never really been told!)

But back to Pense. I am BITTERLY UPSET that Bernie
is not the Democratic Presidential Nominee. He was FLYING....until California. (I need  to fully understand how THAT LOSS HAPPENED!)

We now know that the DNC is FULLY IN THE POCKETS OF THE BANKSTERS, even if some Mini-Moves in that direction are being floated.

As we speak...we are becoming QUITE POSSIBLE that Trump/Pense might actually TAKE THE ELECTION!!!!

In which case I'll..........(I'll save THAT statement for another Day.)

Right now....America needs to WAKE UP....Elect Hillary...and then...led by people like ME....Hold Her Feet To The Fire! I mean it.

I am going to record EVERY MOVE SHE MAKES....every sentence  she  utters.
And....I am going to CALL HER OUT....every time she drifts back to Center/Right!

One thing is for CERTAIN: Mike Pense is a HORRIBLE CHOICE FOR VEEP!

Itsez Who? As far as I know...I am the only Living American who was an
actual eye-witness to both Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, as well as the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. When I was a kid...everyone I knew respected and admired FDR. Sure...there were a few "Republicans"
who sniffed at The New Deal, but we forgave them for their Silly Old Ideas. Who would have ever guessed that, led by the Hateful Ronnie Reagan in 1980, those "honorable" Republicans would morph into today's MoneyMad RepUglyCons??? One of my key tasks with Itsez is to point out the Sheer Stupidity and Core Mean Spiritedness of what used to be...the Grand Old Party. Oh, Abraham we miss you!

GO DEMS!!!!! !

July 8. Hillary will be the Nominee. It is virtually done. Bernie has been BOOED!!! Fellow Democrats...for delaying his Endorsement.
Now the Moment Has Arrived:
Barack Obama defeated Hillary in 2008 to become the first BLACK President... now Hillary is poised to become the first WOMAN POTUS IN US HISTORY!!!
(Oh, how those RepUglies Hate Hillary!)
Their Latest....the endless attacks on her emails....have produced nothing.
(Unless you watch FoxNoNews....where they sneeringly continue their attacks on the Latest UnScandal.) just 2 weeks to go before the
Dem Convention...

Make no mistake about this:
Starting with the Utter Fraud Paul Ryan
(itsez is going to take particular DELIGHT in bashing THAT Scoundrel!)....
the RepUglies will do ANYTHING to Beat Hillary!!!

NOW...we need to be behind Bernie at the fight for the

Yeah...Income Inequality....Free College Education.... (more)...and all the rest.

ESPECIALLY TPP! To Digress of the enduring MYSTERIES of Barack Obama is his TOTAL ENDORSEMENT of TPP...and his Hocus-Pocus "Fast-Tracking" of those Secret "Negotiations!!!!!!!!!!"

(I'll contact Thom Hartmann to get his read on what THAT was all about???)

With a Strong Progressive Plank to Run On....our BIG JOB is to absolutely CRUSH DONALD TRUMP!

The very THOUGHT of that Blustering, Blabbering enuf to send me out of the Country on an EXTENDED VACATION.....forever!

So...starting RIGHT NOW....our Job is to watch carefully EVERY MOVE


Itsez will keep Careful Notes on who is On Board For Change...and which DIMocrats listened to their Big Money Supporters and DENIED CHANGE!

America is at a Dire Crossroads Right Now! The Top 1% (as Bernie keeps reminding us) running off with ALL THE MONEY!
WE are left with the Dollar Stores and a very, very dim future.

All Progressives and ANY THINKING AMERICAN....absolutely MUST take
this to heart...and FIGHT BACK!

Note the HUGE Millennial Vote for Bernie; THOSE ARE TOMORROW'S LEADERS...and THEY clearly saw the Truth in what Bernie had to say.

(On that subject...I need to find out....finally....what tilted California away from Bernie and into Hillary's Camp???? I am still....Mystified. I was at the Vista Rally... and I can tell you that the ENTIRE STADIUM was TOTALLY FOR BERNIE!!! So....WHAT HAPPENED?)


America In Crisis Mode!

June 31. Donald Trump may still Implode....Who Knows. But right now...
he is the presumptive RepUglyCon Candidate for President. Utterly Appalling.
And...the Main Stream Media and Corporate Powers....have effectively blocked Bernie Sanders from being the Obama of 2016.

Which simply means  that Hillary will win the Election. that simply makes my Skin Crawl!

The very IDEA of Bill once again occupying the White House is simply
mind- boggling. we are...only months away from Hillary being Inaugurated.

After voting for Ike in 1956...because he felt like the Right Man for the Job...(and I have never regretted that decision)....I have voted Straight Democrat. Hill is In. Next?

Next will be some perfectly marvelous speeches....
alonng the lines of:
"It's about Time a Woman got this Job!" speeches....
and meanwhile...we will wait for some Specific Actions.

Number One of course...will be to replace Scalia ASAP.
Then...there are a couple of other seats that need to be safely
in Democratic Hands.

(The WORST thing about Trump would be the Catastrophic Ruination of the Supreme Court!!!!)

So...a real and IMPORTANT WIN for DEMS.

But...then we get into ALL  THOSE OTHER MAJOR ISSUES. you really expect our First Woman President to actually stand up to the Banksters and Big Business Shysters....and actually DO SOMETHING about Income Inequality and Healthcare for All Americans?

You've gotta be kidding. Oh, there will be little xxxx....Window Dressing, believe me! The woman who has accepted $$$Millions from the Oligarchs is hardiy going to Lift a finger to actually CHANGE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

So....the UberRich will continue to absolutely RAPE America!

Bernie has called on his Loyal Supporters to FIGHT FOR CHANGE.
Yeah. Sure.

Like "we" are going to Run For Mayor or Governor or the House....and HOPE to  Beat The Machine!!!!  Not likely.

Itsez is considering developing a Hillary ScoreCard:
List all the Major Problems facing America.
Then what she proposes to actually CHANGE ANYTHING!!!!
And...the Result.

THEN....applaud those Democrats who Vote Properly on Issues.
Who Introduce Change into Congress and the Senate.
And applaud THOSE moves!

BERNIE...Hangin' In There!

June 17. Bernie Fought the Good Fight. And went down in Flames.
I personally drove over 300 miles to see him at a California Rally.
He was absolutely MARELOUS! The Large Crowd LOVED Bernie! Kids and Oldsters alike. was Not To Be.

But when the State of California went for Hill...that was that!
(Why we lost here is a fascinating Story....remember...back in 2008...I helped Barack Obama beat back Hill....when she looked UNBEATABLE.)

Again...more on this Year's Hill Win...a bit later.

Now Bernie is..."Negotiating" with Hillary about the actual Issues to be
agreed upon at the Democratic Convention. Good Luck on THAT, Bern!
Your goal of $15 an hour minimum wage is already Toast...$12 is now being "mentioned."

Why? Because Hillary is the absolute Handmaiden of Big Bucks...
and the LAST THING They want is ANY change in Income Inequality!

So...her first Priority is to...slide past Income Inequality.
Number Two....Jobs. Huh? We already KNOW where she'll be on THAT.
Trust Me: Nothing but Tokenism.

TPP? She'll be Made To See...that Big Biz WANTS Global continue UNABATTED? Jobs? You Moochers outta be happy to have ANY Job!
Increase Taxes on the SuperRich? You must be Kidding! Classic Hillary Style...she'll be all for something that Sounds Like a Tax INcrease...but is left with so many Loopholes that it will amount to actually CUTTING TAXES ON THE VERY RICH to New Lows!

Break Up the Big Banksters????? Now you MUST be Kidding!!!!
Anything she DOES will amount to...EyeWash.
( ARE aware of Bankster Money flowing to Clintons in various forms? Much More on THAT SUBJECT to follow soon.)

Cut the Cost of College? Ronnie said it: "Why should I pay for your CURIOSITY?" Plenty of Rich People still feel exactly that way.

So what am I to do in November?
a. NOT Vote?
b. Vote for Hillary?
c. Vote for...Trump???

I have No Choice: I MUST vote for....Hillary. is what I am Pledge To Do: I will convert

I will begin on Day One (as she Beams from the Inauguration Stage...and bathes in the Glory of having..."Broken The Glass Ceiling!"
(That exactly the sort of Sentiment Hill is Famous For.)

Here we are in the Sorrowful Aftermath of Orlando. Do you really expect Hillary to actually DO ANYTHING about Assault Weapons? Hmmmm?

I admit this "Negotiations" between Hillary and Bernie.
But...with Debbie Wasserman Schultz remaining fully in Command at the you REALLY EXPECT ANY MAJOR CHANGES?

4 Days To Go!

June. 3. Nail Biting Time! Trump is getting A GAZILLION HOURS of Prime Time. Most often...while saying the mot Absurd or Outrageous or....simply Idiotic Drivel.

Meanwhile...the most MIStrusted Woman in Politics....Hillery hanging on to a LEAD...but this Lead being strongly challenged by Bernie 24/7.

AND...California...our HUGE Blue State...hangs in the Balance!

Meanwhile Barack Obama continues to be his....Enigmatic Self.
Obama can stand up and claim VICTORY AFTER VICTORY....on the Jobs Front, and the Economy, on the Battle(s) with ISIS...etc., etc.....yet America feels like it is close to being a Basket Case!!!
Oh, not if you are a Billionaire! In THAT are (literally) Golden.

But for Middle Class America...there really AIN'T MUCH GOOD NEWS!

IS our Economy really STRONGER?
Depends on where you look.
Oh, for sure...there are POCKETS of Growth
and Prosperity. But...looks elsewhere and you see whole CITIES literally DEVASTATED!

Obama can claim with a straight Face...that "today...
95% of All Americans have Medical Coverage!"
That really WOULD BE something to Shout About....but IS IT REAL?
I have heard WAY TOO MANY STORIES of Real People losing their Coverage...or seeing HUGE Cost Increases! (Again...those Obscene, Obstructionist GOPsters are responsible for MUCH of the Chaos...
but here we are....with Millions in need of...HELP!)

On another front....never for a moment forget that Barack Obama has led the Charge for TPP! Now...we are gradually finding out how GHASTLY TPP is going to be....if it becomes the Law! NOW tell me where Obama's Head Is????

Now I have to admit that I am a steady visitor to one or another of our 99¢ Stores in this area. stroll through the Endless Aisles...and see EVERYTHING priced at .99¢ is...Amazing!

Not EVERYTHING in there is Made In China. I wouldn't want to give up the Deals I find there....but....I also want American Jobs for Americans!
We really haven't figured this one out yet...but I'm CERTAIN that TPP ain't it!
Oh, and I Totally Boycott WalMart....I've talked about that before...but I personally will NOT shop at America's Favorite Store!

(I note with Fascination...that when Obama moves out of the White House...
we will STAY IN D.C.!!!!!  Why? Would YOU go back to...Chicago....EVER???
How UGH! Can a City Get????)

Thom Hartmann is one of the Few Voices on Ameircan Media...who calls this for what it is: ANOTHER SCREWING OF THE AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS!
Thom points out that even MSNBC...our only steady voice vs. so controlled by the Corporate Powers That Be....that Little or No Criticism
of the So-called "Insiders" permitted. (Or...they toss you out!)

That makes Rachel Maddow PARTICULARLY Valuable...God Bless Her!

Which brings us to...Bernie!
He is Fighting The Good THOUSANDS OF OTHERS...
have gone to his Rallies...and BERNIE IS A ROCK!

The Youthful Crowds (including plenty of Oldsters like Myself)....are THRILLED by what Bernie has to say...and how he says it! we approach June 7...Bernie is showing up with in the LEAD in California! I thought this would happen....seeing his progress  out here... listening to Thom Hartmann on the Radio...(for MONTHS)....and watching Young Voters respond to him!

OhBoyOhBoy....if Bernie continues on and WINS CA....Look Out DNC!


May 27. I went to the Bernie Rally in Vista, CA. Not Easy....we're talking
a 150 Mile Drive here. And...lotsa people showed  PARKING was a real...Challenge!

But...I knew all that going in. So...I prepared for a Hike when I got there.
Call it a Mile Hike. Worth every step.

There was a....Good Crowd. Totally On Board. Lotsa Young People.
Who wonder How In The Hell THEY Can Share In The American Dream...owing $30,000 +++ from their College Days.

And...Surprise! I learned about a VERY MARVELOUS Group who are
Totally On Board for Bernie...who SHOCKED ME BUT GOOD!
(See Patriotic Millionaires, below.)

Bernie was...Solid. He got up on the Stage...and Talked. He  made Sense!
(Not like the Blustery Boob Trump.)

He spoke for over an Hour....and kept the Crowd going the entire time.

By now, you surely must be aware of Bernie's Talking Points:

1. Income Inequality.
2. Jobs
3. Rebuilding America's Crumbling Infrastructure. (Seriously!)
4. Free College Education.
5. Medicare for ALL.
6. And....getting the Ultra Rich to pay their...."Fair Share" of Taxes.

I had not known that Bernie has also taken up the Cause of
Native Americans... who, he reminds many cases live in Abect Poverty! (How did THAT happen, I'd like to know?) Contrast Bernie with...Trump...
who has labeled none other than Liz Warren..."Pocahontas!!" Yikes!

The Crowd was VERY Anti-Trump. Less so...Hillary. (I find myself getting blown off by perfectly normal people...when it comes to Ms. Clinton.)

The very IDEA that Hillary...with a Straight actually Touting Bill as the guy who will Rebuild America is simply MINDBOGGLING!!!!!!!! (Nafta, anyone?)

About those Patriotic Millionaires: Wow!
They prepared a Hand Out...and it Blew Me Away.

They totally reject the ABSURD Lie that
"Giant Multi-National Corporations are Job Creators...." These are the VERY TAX-EVADING MONSTERS... who are shipping Jobs overseas by the Thousands!!!! THEY ARE DESTROYING THE AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS!

Now...I did not make this up. This is a Real Group of absolutely MARVELOUS Wealthy Americans who are Calling Out the Liars!!!!!

They say it all in less than 100 words:

"The Real Job Creators are the Poor and Middle Class: When Millions of hard working poor and middle class families earn more Money...they SPEND IT!
In the Local Economy. When money is spent in the local Economy...on Homes, Cars, Goods, Food, Services...and Education....this creates JOBS!
Real Jobs! These Earners become CUSTOMERS. Customers are the ones who Create Demand...which leads directly to....More Hiring!
When Americans get hired...that is called....JOBS!

A (Local) Authentic Businessman does NOT NEED Illegal Tax Breaks...he needs More Customers!

So...the Real Enemies in America are: "Billionaires and Giant Multi-National Corporations...who are evading paying ANY Taxes right now in America!!!! the end of the Week...Trump was on the Megyn Kelly Show...and
Nice (for a change.

But...TRUMP IS A LOOSE CANNON....who can do

To Close: VOTE BERNIE!!!!! America Hangs In The Balance!!!!!

Itsez Who? As far as I know...I am the only Living American who was an
actual eye-witness to both Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, as well as the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. When I was a kid...everyone I knew respected and admired FDR. Sure...there were a few "Republicans"
who sniffed at The New Deal, but we forgave them for their Silly Old Ideas. Who would have ever guessed that, led by the Hateful Ronnie Reagan in 1980, those "honorable" Republicans would morph into today's MoneyMad RepUglyCons??? One of my key tasks with Itsez is to point out the Sheer Stupidity and Core Mean Spiritedness of what used to be...the Grand Old Party. Oh, Abraham we miss you!


May 19. Morning Joe! Huh? Tuesday night I got a phone call:
"This is Con Ed...we are turning off the Power tonight between 1 and 3 a.m
....for needed repairs!"

Uh, oh....I thought...recent experiences with Loss of Power from Time Warner have made me VERY Gun-Shy about THAT sort of thing!

I went to sleep...hoping NOT to wake up to some sort of Disaster. around 4 a.m., little lights began to go on again. Whew!
One less thing to sweat over.

But...when I got up...I did a check of everything...just to be sure.
And...although I never watch TV before 5 p.m., I flipped it on. And?
And....there was....MORNING JOE!

I had picked up enuf "Adverse News" regarding that Program...I never bothered to watch it. And? And Guess What?

I was not prepared for what can only be described as a continuation of the Evening Programs...where Chris Mathews and the always Brilliant Rachel us keep our Sanity and our Minds Clear!

Of course the Headline was: "Bernie Romps in Oregon!"

Usually, at that hour I am cruising around Huff Post, Slate, etc., to get the News...
And only end the session with a Quick Look at Drudge. (What's HE got to say, this a.m.???)

Boys and Girls...we are at a CRITICAL TURNING POINT in the Life of the Democratic Party in America. It has been TOTALLY HIJACKED AND CORRUPTED BY THE LIKES OF DEBBIE WASSERMAN SHULTZ (ugh!)

Bernie is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT in calling for a Contested Convention.
And...God Help us if he is Shunned or Ignored!!!

The DIMocrats...the "Centrist" Clinton-Style DIMs...
to The Banksters and the Oligarchs!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie is our ONE CHANCE to bring us back in line
with FDR-Era Democratic Principals.

Hillery/Billery....(she is already making it PERFECTLY CLEAR
that she plans to... SHARE HER PRESIDENCY....with that
Thoroughly Corrupt Billy Bad Boy!

I am going to meet with Local Area Test The waters...yet again... to see if ANYONE in the DEMOCRATIC HEIRARCHY on board with Bernie?????

(Remember...when I got here in 2008...this was 100% Hillary-Ville....Obama didn't have as much as a Bumper Sticker on view. I changed all that....and we want on to bring Obama a Rousing Win.)

Then...Sunday, May 22, I will attend the Bernie Rally near here (in CA....a 150 mile Drive is considered "Near Here")

I will be fascinated to see who actually TURNS UP...and what they have to say.
ITSEZ will have a Full Report on this....Monday or Tuesday.


Itsez Who? As far as I know...I am the only Living American who was an
actual eye-witness to both Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, as well as the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. When I was a kid...everyone I knew respected and admired FDR. Sure...there were a few "Republicans"
who sniffed at The New Deal, but we forgave them for their Silly Old Ideas. Who would have ever guessed that, led by the Hateful Ronnie Reagan in 1980, those "honorable" Republicans would morph into today's MoneyMad RepUglyCons??? One of my key tasks with Itsez is to point out the Sheer Stupidity and Core Mean Spiritedness of what used to be...the Grand Old Party. Oh, Abraham we miss you!

Another Ghastly American Tragedy.

October 2. It has happened...again. Another Mass Shooting at an American School! This time at Umpqua College in Oregon
Huh? Are we Americans.......KRAZY?????????
As of Friday....we still simply DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT THIS KRAZY WACKO KILLER.

Uh...but we WILL learn more.
Maybe all we need to know.
And? And then....despite President Obama's hearfelt ANGER at this
Horrible Atrocity...NOTHING WILL GET DONE. Why?
Simple: The Rich Pigs who Run America couldn't GIVE A DAMN about (00) Dead American Students. Period.
Who care about THEM?

So...they will continue to use The Constitution as a shield to permit VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED GUN OWNERSHIP throughout the USA.

Result? Mass Murders...whenever some Screwball decides to SLAUGHTER
the Innocents.

And? And...the American Voter continues to let these MONSTERS...Rule America! Obama's Speech...Heartfelt and simply LOST in this American Age of Barbarity.

I will wait to hear about WHO THE KILLER ACTUALLY WAS.
I will wait to hear what his Mental Outlook was.
I will wait to hear...if ANYONE HAD ANY INKLING of his....Potential Danger.

So far...we hear that there was Minimal/No "Protection" for the Students.

Start with the NRA. They have SYSTEMATICALLY Paid $$$$$$$ to get Political Protection for Gun Sales.

THIS WILL NEVER END  UNTIL...President Obama and Congress ACT!
Any chance this will happen any time soon? Zero.
Talk about Spineless Slimeballs!!!!!! Dad was a kid  in a time when you took your Rifle...went out in the Snow...and shot a had Potatoes for Dinner!
So? He became a Natural Crack Shot. He was Chief Artillery Office in his Squadron in the Navy.
He ALWAYS had a Rifle in the house. He ALSO had a 45 Caliber Pistol in the Glove Compartment of our car.
(And he was prepared to use it for Self Defense, if ever needed.)

I once picked up the .22...and waved it around......
and my Dad said: (In a voice you DID NOT THINK OF QUESTIONING)..."Never Point a gun at a person!"
I learned THAT lesson in 2 seconds...and...
I NEVER FOREGOT IT! It was....Rule One.

So? Where do we go from here?

A word about Kim. She is....nothing less than Misquided.
I could say she is...Evil, but that would be going over the Line for me.
I think she is....Befuddled. Confused. Wrapped up in "Bible Talk"...etc., and she is USING what she believes as Her Religion to....Defy The Law of the Land!!!

Kim: Believe all  you want. And...if your Faith conflicts with your PUBLIC DUTY... to Uphold the Law/Rules & Regulation of American Society...then...
GO FIND A NEW JOB! You are UNFIT to hold your current job.

Itsez Who? As far as I know...I am the only Living American who was an
actual eye-witness to both Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, as well as the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. When I was a kid...everyone I knew respected and admired FDR. Sure...there were a few "Republicans"
who sniffed at The New Deal, but we forgave them for their Silly Old Ideas. Who would have ever guessed that, led by the Hateful Ronnie Reagan in 1980, those "honorable" Republicans would morph into today's MoneyMad RepUglyCons??? One of my key tasks with Itsez is to point out the Sheer Stupidity and Core Mean Spiritedness of what used to be...the Grand Old Party. Oh, Abraham we miss you!



And THEN what? On my recent visit to NYC...
I was SHOCKED that so many otherwise OK Democrats...were so BLANK when it came to Bernie! Huh?

Well...during my visit...I realized that there was virtually ZERO News on Bernie ...staring in the Venerable New York Times! HUH?

Today, Thom Hartmann groaned on-air, that, the day after the MONUMENTAL BERNIE TURNOUT...the NY Times failed to give it so much as an INCH of space in the Paper! Again...not to overdue  it...but...HUH???????


Bernie Sanders. Yes!!!

May 29. I've been listening to Bernie every week...on the Thom Hartmann Show. Thom hosts his "Brunch With Bernie" Segment...every Friday.
At first...I was merely...Curious. Sanders sure said the Right Things. But...seriously... what CHANCE did he have vs. Inevitable Hillary? (There are actually NO other Viable Democrats in the Race so far. Unbelievable!!!)

Hill and I go back a long, long way. I watched with Interest...then Amazement...then Shock...
at how she Blew her Vaunted Healthcare Overhaul.

I had clients in the Insurance I knew from the Inside how much they HATED the Idea of National Healthcare Reform.

But Hillary didn't help. And you know the rest.

Then...Bill (who I said should have resigned in Disgrace)...caused Al Gore to Lose. To none other than the Incomparable Moron W. (Who Caused 9-11 - because he IGNORED ALL THE WARNINGS...and then went on to give us Iraq...Shock & Awe...and created nothing less than...ISIS!!!

For ME...I simply cannot and WILL NOT vote for Hilly/Billy.

But first...we have to help Bernie Win the Primary. Then...I can vote for the first Real Progressive since...(????).

As I said...Bernie is on the Radio EVERY WEEK. He NEVER says anything Trivial or Off Message or....Self-Serving.

Bernie is always Krystal Klear: America is being rapidly taken over by the Millionaires and Billionaires...and they simply want to PRIVATIZE EVERYTHING!!!

They want to reduce YOU to Moocher Status...described by them as groveling for Government Handouts and Loafing your way through Life.

Taxes are the Price of Civilization.
Those who Can Pay...Should Pay.
(If only Greece would only wake up to THAT Reality!!!)

Bernie insists that The Rich...simply Pay Their Fair Share. Help Rebuild America. Bring Jobs back to America.

He insists that America should AT LAST BE THE EQUAL OF OTHER "ADVANCED" NATIONS...and provide Universal Healthcare.
Healthcare that is AFFORDABLE.


Ditto Education. Student Debt? That is nothing less than an ABOMINATION! (Uh...why is that INCOMPARABLE IDIOT ARNE DUNCAN...YUCK!!! still holding his job at the top of the EduPyramid???????????)

Wars? Bernie voted AGAINST the Iraq War. You know that VERY FEW DEMOCRATS had the Gumption to do THAT! Certainly not Hill. let's get REAL here. Does Bernie have ANY CHANCE to become President? YES...if everyday Americans WAKE UP...and make him their Choice Via Acclimation!


We may be FINISHED as a Great Nation...if we lose this Chance to Beat Back the GOPSters!



What Next?

Job One:
This is Job One...
for Our America!!!
Well...??? Do It!



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